Residential Pest Control

Horne’s Pest Control offers three zones of coverage for your protection:

Your Home – Protected with our 4-Way Pest Stopper

Your Yard – Fast knockdown and long residual guarantee. It’s your yard, therefore you should enjoy it!

Mosquito Protection – Our three-tiered approach ensures control.

At Horne’s Pest Control, we believe you should be able to enjoy your home and yard without any pests. We can help make that a reality. We have serviced the Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina, areas for years and we are eager to help you. Our technicians are certified and properly trained to provide your home with whatever services are necessary. And with three zones of residential pest control – home, yard, and mosquito protection – we can effectively eliminate pests, while also preventing future pests.

We take a tactical approach to protecting your home. First, we divide the space into four zones: The attic, interior, exterior perimeter, and crawl space. Our technicians carefully inspect and treat each zone, making sure we don’t miss an inch. Furthermore, we set up an impenetrable border around your home and yard. With the right combination of granule and liquid pest spray, the effects are fast-acting and long lasting.

Stop letting mosquitoes rule your yard and keep you from going outside. We can help get your yard back using our unique three-tiered approach to mosquito control. Our process can keep mosquito populations down for up to several weeks. With Horne’s Residential Pest Control services, you can relax in your yard without dealing with mosquitoes or ant bites.

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If you live in the CSRA and you need top notch pest control solutions, call Horne’s today to see what we can do for your home. We offer the best possible protection from pests and boast a long history of satisfied customers. We have offices located in Augusta and Aiken and are happy to answer any questions you may have about residential pest control. Give us a call at 706-863-5354 or 803-643-9598.