The Perfect Termite Control Treatment

exterra The superior baiting system. Baiting canisters placed around your home designed to target and eliminate foraging termites
termidor The most effective liquid termiticide placed around your homes foundation. Designed to prevent and kill termites entering the structure
 premise The most effective gel bait on the market injected into the  infested timbers of  your home. Designed to begin eliminating termites immediately.

The Training of a Horne’s Technician

At Horne’s we believe it is not just the potency of the product but also the aptitude of the applicator. We are committed to the continuous training of our termite and pest control technicians. We enroll them in numerous schools including:

Clemson University’s Termite School

University of Georgia’s Structural Pest Control Training Program Clemson University’s Pest Control School

Purdue University’s Termites and Other Wood Destroying Organisms Correspondence Program

In addition, we have manufacturer’s representatives come to our office and give classes on their products. These manufacturers include the makers of products such as Termidor, Exterra, Premise, Boracare, Talstar and others. This training is not limited to the manager or salespeople. It is given to the technicians – the individuals who actually apply insecticide in and around your home.

What is Exterra?

exterraExterra is a termite baiting station that is installed in the ground around your home. Below is a brief explanation of how it works:

  1. Termites are subterranean insects that live in colonies. There are three castes of termites: workers, soldiers and reproductives. As their name implies, each caste has their unique duties. Worker termites randomly and consistently forage for food up to 150 feet from the home colony. Based on this, monitoring stations are placed at approximately 15 – 20 feet intervals around the exterior of the structure and near any other areas that are conducive to termites (wood piles, etc.). These stations are brown and easily blend in with pine straw or pine bark.
  2. Monitoring devices are placed inside the stations. A Horne’s technician will come by regularly and inspect these stations for activity.
  3. After termites enter the station and begin to consume the monitoring devices, bait is placed in the stations. Termites cannot differentiate between the bait and other food sources.
  4. Since termites secrete pheromones when they forage for food, other termites will realize where the bait is and therefore, consume it also.
  5. In addition, termites contain a single cell protozoa in their hind gut that enables them to digest wood. It is necessary that secretions containing these protozoans be exchanged among termites. This ensures that the cast majority will either eat, be fed or ingest infected secretions of Exterra.
  6. Upon consumption, termites slowly get lethargic and do not perform their duties.Some of the worker termite caste’s duties are feeding the soldier and reproductive castes, building galleries, removing excrement and other debris from the galleries and locating new food sites.
  7. The bait prevents the termites from molting (shedding their outer layer of skin) thereby causing them to slowly die off. During the time they are dying, the termites are disoriented and as a result, none of the day to day activities take place. The soldiers and reproductives don’t get fed. Reproduction stops and the soldiers do not protect the colony form invaders (ants). The galleries and tunnels break down from lack of maintenance. This hinders travel and may possibly expose the termites to the fatal ultraviolet rays of the sun. Moreover, the tunnels and galleries fill with excrement and dead termites. This emits toxic odors and promotes lethal bacteria growth.
  8. This general colony break down ensures the death to even the few termites that may not be infected.

Why is Exterra the best?exterra

Horne’s is or has been authorized to use every baiting system available in this area. This enables us to know Exterra is the best. Below are some of the reasons.

  1. The stations are larger and therefore hold more wood and bait. This greatly reduces the risk of the termites vacating the stations between monitoring intervals.
  2. The monitoring devices are closer to the edge of the stations which in turn puts them closer to the soil in which the termites live. This increases the likelihood of the termites entering the stations.
  3. Exterra stations contain eight monitoring devices. This is important in that termites generally enter a piece of wood through the corner. Eight monitoring devices equates to 32 corners as opposed to 8 with the others.
  4. Exterra has the lowest disturbance bait placement method on the market. This is the most important feature. Other systems require that you pull out the monitoring devices and termites, empty them into a temporary container, fill the bait canister, then dump the termites back into the station. Often times this causes termites to emit an alarm pheromone and vacate the station. The Exterra canister is different in that the bait is installed in the center and the termites are not disturbed.
  5. Exterra has two bait formulations. Unlike the other systems which only have a dry formulation, Exterra also has a liquid/paste formulation. This is extremely desirable to termites in the hot summer months when we are experiencing a drought.

Challenges Bait Systems Face

Although bait installations are approved as a full or stand alone treatment, we realize they have some challenges. Some of these challenges are:

There is no attractant in a bait station. Termites randomly forage for food with no discernible pattern; therefore, it is by complete chance that termites find your stations. It can take several months and up to two years before your home’s bait stations show activity. During this time termites can and do enter buildings and cause damage.

When termites are actively eating your home they are emitting pheromones that are communicating with other termites and telling them where your home is. This may increase the time it takes for termites to find the bait stations.

Your home can have more than one termite colony. Old research indicated that there was one termite colony per acre of land. New research indicates that there may be as many as eight termite colonies per 1/4 acre of land. The termites eating the bait may or may not be the same colony of termites that are eating your home.

Upon ingesting the bait, it still takes several weeks to months before the termite colony dies.


Our First Answer to the Challenge…A Foundation Treatment with Termidor

termidorYour home has an unlimited amount of entry points through the foundation, footings, attached porches and patios and under the carport or garage. In addition, if termites are in your home, they must return to the ground for water on a daily basis. They will use these same entry points to accomplish this. These entry points are greatly minimized by performing a liquid supplemental treatment. This treatment is established by performing the following control measures:

termidor-foundation-treatmentSTEP 1: Digging a shallow trench around the entire interior foundation wall and pillars and raking out all of the debris from your crawl space.

STEP 2: Trenching around the entire exterior of the foundation that is not joined by concrete or asphalt.

STEP 3: Injecting termiticides into these trenches and filling them in.

Why Termidortermidor

  1. It has a non-repellent formulation. Often times if termites are able to detect termiticide, they will look for a break in the liquid treatment barrier and find a path around the insecticide.
  2. Once termites pass through the barrier and receive a lethal dosage, they unavoidably transfer lethal dosages to other termites much the same as bait does and also by simple contact. This transfer effect helps to ensure the entire colony will become infected.
  3. Termidor kills termites nine times faster than bait.
  4. Termidor has a proven 100% effectiveness life span of 13 years and counting. The effectiveness of Termidor has been documented by over 16 universities, the U.S. Forestry Department and independent research labs. It is the best termiticide on the market bar none.


Our Second Answer to the Challenge…Targeted Applications to Termites Feeding on the Wooden Structural Members of Your Home with Premise

premiseAn important objective in our termite control program is to stop the termites NOW in order to prevent any more damage from occurring to your home. This is done by two methods.

  1. Injecting Premise Gel Bait directly into the galleries of the termite infested timbers. This bait formulation is highly desirable to termites for many reasons one of which is its high moisture content. It is not uncommon to see many termites feeding on this bait simultaneously.
  2. Inject Premise Foam into the wall voids and cavities where the termites are. Premise Foam has the consistency of shaving cream, it fills the voids and slowly penetrates into the wood.

Premise starts to work immediately on the termites in your home. It is also a non-repellant formulation which transfers lethal dosages to the other termites. After contacting Premise, termites will become disoriented and cease feeding and tunneling. Next, they will stop grooming and caring for one another. When grooming stops, the termite will become infected with fungal spores in the soil and wood.

Our Treatment is The Best!


1. Highly Trained Technicians trained-technicians
2. Exterra Bait System  exterra
3. Termidor Supplemental Barrier Treatment  termidor
4. Premise Foam and Premise Gel  premise




  1. Our warranty covers structural and cosmetic damage to your home
  2. It includes damage to floor coverings, wall coverings and furnishings .
  3. There is no deductible.
  4. It is renewable for the life of the home.
  5. It is transferable to any subsequent homeowner.

lethal-day-1Remember all baiting systems have challenges. The primary challenge is that there is no attractant. Termites don’t see them, they don’t smell them, they just accidentally bump into them. Then they may start to consume lethal dosages of bait. These stations can and often do sit for months or even years before termites find them. During this time water, ants, pets or other damaging phenomena may disturb or nullify the station’s effectiveness. This is why regular periodic inspections by a trained exterminator are necessary in order to maintain the system. These periodic inspections ensure that the station will remain unbaited/ineffective for no more than four months as opposed to one year. These are some reasons why a pre-baited station may be of no benefit.

With our additional control measures of liquid termiticides, gel baits, foam insecticide and borates, Horne’s Termite Control is more than just baited on Day 1–It is LETHAL ON DAY 1 and we back this with a warranty that begins on Day 1! Just because a station is pre-baited, doesn’t mean it is killing termites!



1. Is the pest control company you are considering well established?

It is an unfortunate fact that many businesses fail.  The best guarantee in the world is useless if the company issuing it is no longer in business.  Be sure that your home is insured and protected with a well established firm.  Horne’s Pest Control has been in business over 40 years, making us one of the oldest pest control companies in the area.

2. Does the damage repair warranty begin on day one?  Does the termite company you are considering cover damages, both structural and cosmetic?

Many companies have a waiting period before their termite warranty begins – some up to two years.  You pay for a treatment and warranty only to find out that termites continue to eat and damage your home for two years before your protection goes into effect.  Horne’s Pest Control covers both the home and it’s contents, to include wallpaper, paint and home furnishings beginning on day one.

3. Does the price quoted include everything?  Are there hidden charges?

Many companies disguise their fees.  They will charge an install fee, then a quarterly monitoring fee, a baiting fee, fees for replacement caps, etc.  Find out how much the total price is for the entire first year of control and how much the total maintenance price is for each subsequent year.  At Horne’s, there are no hidden fees.  Our install price includes everything for the first year, and annual warranty fee includes everything for each subsequent year.

4. Does the termite company you are considering train all of it’s staff members or just upper level management and tenured staff members?

Horne’s Pest Control believes that the technician who services your home should get as much if not more training than the managers.  These are the people who are actually applying insecticides in and around your home.

5. Does the termite company you are considering have a damage repair deductible or a limit on the amount of damage they will cover?

In the unlikely event the treatment fails and your home gets termites, Horne’s Pest Control is there to make sure your home is returned to it’s original condition without any additional payments from you.

6. Does the termite company you are considering cover both domestic and imported subterranean termites?

There is an imported termite called the Formosan termite.  This termite has been located in other counties in both Georgia and South Carolina.  It has not been found in the CSRA, but if it does arrive Horne’s Pest Control will protect you.

7. Does the termite company you are considering only install a bait system without any supplemental work?

Why only do the minimum?  As explained in this brochure, Horne’s Pest Control combines several methods of termite treatment for maximum protection against this underground threat.




1. Our total comprehensive Wood Destroying Organism Protection Warranty. This warranty covers the inspection, necessary retreatments and the repairs of any damages caused by Eastern Subterranean Termites, Formosan Termites, Drywood and Powder Post Termites, Wood Boring Beetles and Powder Post Beetles. In addition it also covers any future ventilation and vapor barrier issues. This is simply the most comprehensive warranty package available.

2. Our damage repair warranty begins upon completion of the treatment. Many of our competitors have up to a two year waiting period.

3. Our warranty covers structural and cosmetic damage and damages to wall coverings, floor coverings and furnishings. Many of our competitor’s warranties have a variety of disclaimers and most don’t even cover damages at all. Our wording is simple “…if termites damage your home we will fix it in a manner that is structurally sound and cosmetically appealing.”

4. All of our warranties are transferable to any subsequent owner, have no deductible, begin the day of treatment.

5. Repairs are performed by our in house staff. There is no adjuster or claims personnel to contend with.