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Termite Treatment & Control in Augusta GA

Termites Cause $5 Billion in damage every year in the US

Every year termites cause more damage to single-family homes around the Augusta GA area than all the fires, floods, and windstorms combined. This statistic is even more shocking when you consider that termites are mostly in warm climates whereas fires, floods, and windstorms occur throughout the country.

How We Protect Your Home on Day One

Horne’s uses a three-prong approach to treating termites:

  1. We install the Exterra Termite Baiting system around the perimeter of your home.
  2. We apply Termidor Liquid Termiticide to the foundation as needed.
  3. We inject Premise Termiticide foam into the infested wall voids where the termites are actually feeding on your the wood of your house.

This powerful three-pronged approach ensures that the pests are killed and the damage to your home stops.

Call Horne’s Pest Control today for a termite treatment quote: 1-888-467-6378

Why We Use The Exterra Termite Bait System

We chose the Exterra Baiting System because the stations are large and hold an ample amount of bait. This ensures that the termites will not vacate the stations between inspection intervals. Exterra stations contain two bait formulations – paper and paste. These are the preferred bait matrixes of termites. It is soft and easy to ingest and has high moisture content.

Exterra stations also contain actual wood – the natural food of native termites. This is what they naturally and instinctively forage for. Call Horne’s Pest Control and protect your Augusta GA property against bugs today!

What is Exterra and How Does It Work to Protect Your Home?

Exterra is a termite baiting station that is installed in the ground around your home. Below is a brief explanation of how it works to eliminate bugs and pests in the area around your house.

  1. Subterranean termites live in large colonies in the ground. There are three castes of termites: workers, soldiers and reproductives. Workers forage for food up to 150 feet from the colony. Based on this, monitoring stations are placed around the area of the structure and near any other areas conducive to termites.
  2. Monitoring devices are placed inside the stations. A Horne’s service technician will come by regularly and inspect these stations for activity.
  3. After termites enter the station and begin to consume the monitoring devices, bait is placed in the stations. Termites cannot differentiate between the bait and other food sources.
  4. Since termites secrete pheromones when they forage for food, other termites find the bait and start consuming it as well.
  5. Termites contain a single cell protozoan in their hindgut that enables them to digest wood. Secretions containing these protozoans are exchanged among termites that ensure that the majority will eventually eat, be fed or ingest infected secretions of Exterra.
  6. Upon consumption, termites get lethargic and do not perform their duties.
  7. The bait prevents the termites from molting, thereby causing them to slowly die off. While they are dying, the termites are disoriented. As a result, none of the day-to-day activities take place. The galleries and tunnels break down from lack of maintenance. This hinders travel and may possibly expose them to the fatal ultraviolet rays of the sun. Moreover, the tunnels and galleries get clogged with excrement and dead termites. This emits toxic odors and promotes lethal bacteria growth.
  8. This general colony breakdown ensures death to any remaining termites that may not be infected.

Why Periodic Inspections Are So Important

We inspect these stations three times per year compared to some other companies that only inspect the stations once per year. We feel this is necessary because, over time, water, fire ants, or animals may disturb or nullify the station. We believe it is important to have a trained and skilled exterminator inspect and service a baiting system more frequently than once per year. Our pest control service technicians are always just a call away if you live in the Augusta GA area and can get to you quickly to service all of your pest control needs.

Two Ways That Horne’s Addresses The Challenges with Bait Systems

1. Foundation Treatment Service with Termidor

Subterranean Termites typically enter through the foundation, footings, attached porches, patios, and under the garage. In addition, if termites are in your home, they must return to the ground for water on a daily basis using the same entry points. These entry points are greatly minimized by performing a liquid supplemental termite treatment with Termidor. Property and buildings around the Augusta area are at a particular risk of wood-boring pest infestations because of the humid climate.

  1. We dig a shallow trench around the entire interior foundation wall and pillars. We then rake out any debris from your crawl space that might serve as food for termites.
  2. We dig a trench around the entire exterior of the foundation that is not joined by concrete or asphalt.
  3. Finally, we inject Termidor into these trenches before filling in the trenches.

Why Termidor?

  1. Termidor has a non-repellent formulation. Often times, if termites are able to detect termiticide, they will look for a break in the liquid treatment barrier and find a path around the insecticide.
  2. Once termites pass through the barrier and receive a lethal dosage, they unavoidably transfer lethal dosages to other termites in the colony. This transfer effect helps to ensure the entire colony will become exposed to the termiticide.
  3. Termidor kills termites nine times faster than bait.
  4. With a proven 100% effectiveness life span of 13 years and counting, Termidor is the best termiticide on the market. Over 16 universities, the U.S. Forestry Department and independent research labs have documented Termidor’s effectiveness.

2. Apply Premise to Termites Feeding on the Wooden Structure of Your Home

One important goal of our program is to stop the termites quickly in order to prevent any more damage to your Augusta GA home. Ultimately, there are two methods we use to accomplish this.

  1. The first method is injecting Premise Gel Bait directly into the termite-infested timbers. This bait formulation is highly desirable to termites for many reasons. One reason is its high moisture content. It is not uncommon to see many termites feeding on this bait simultaneously.
  2. The second method involves injecting Premise Foam into the wall voids and cavities where the termites are. The foam fills the voids and slowly penetrates into the wood.

Why Premise?

Premise starts to work immediately on the termites in your home. It works as a non-repellent formulation which transfers lethal dosages to the other termites. After coming in contact with Premise, termites become disoriented and cease feeding and tunneling. Next, they will stop grooming and caring for one another. When grooming stops, the termites soon become infected with fungal spores in the soil and wood.

How to choose the right termite control company to protect your home

Termites cause more damage every year than all fires, floods, and earthquakes combined. It’s very important that you choose the right company to protect your family’s biggest investment. On this page you will find the detailed information you need to help you make the right choice.

  1. Is Horne’s a well-established pest control service company?

    The best guarantee in the world is useless if the company issuing it is no longer in business. Make sure that your home is protected by a well-established company. Horne’s Pest Control has been in business for over 54 years. This makes us one of the most experienced pest control & termite control companies in Augusta and this part of the country.

  2. Does the damage repair warranty begin on day one and does it cover both structural and cosmetic damage?

    Many companies have a waiting period before their termite services warranty begins. For some companies that waiting period is up to two years. That means you pay for termite treatment and warranty only to find that termites are continuing to damage your home for two years before your protection goes into effect. Horne’s Pest Control covers both the home and its contents. This includes wallpaper, paint, and furnishings.

  3. Is the price quoted the actual price or are there hidden charges?

    Unfortunately, many companies disguise their fees. They will charge an install fee, a quarterly monitoring fee, a baiting fee, etc. It is important to find out how much the total price is for the entire first year of pest control services and how much the total maintenance price is for each subsequent year. With Horne’s, there are no hidden fees. Our install price includes everything for the first year and the annual warranty fee includes everything for each subsequent year.

  4. Does the termite company you are considering train all of its staff members or just upper-level management and tenured staff members?

    Some companies have become a revolving door of technicians coming and going with little training or experience. Horne’s Pest Control believes that our service technicians should get as much if not more training than the managers. These are the people who are actually applying insecticides in and around your home. On top of this, our technicians are well acquainted with Augusta and surrounding areas of GA

  5. Does the termite company you are considering have a damage repair deductible or a limit on the amount of damage they will cover?

    In the unlikely event that the treatment fails and termites move in, Horne’s Pest Control is there to make sure your home is returned to its original condition without any additional payments from you.

  6. Does the termite company you are considering cover both domestic and imported subterranean termites?

    There is an imported termite called the Formosan termite. These bugs have been located in other areas around both Georgia and South Carolina. While it has not been found in the CSRA, Horne’s Pest Control will protect you should it show up.

  7. Does the termite company only install a bait system without any supplemental services?

    Horne’s Pest Control combines several methods of termite treatment services for maximum protection against subterranean bugs. Below on this page we’ll explain why this multi-faceted approach is so important to ensure that you are protected from the damage caused by termites.

  8. Does the warranty really protect you from the damage caused by termites & other pests?

    Horne’s Warranty covers structural and cosmetic damage to your home including damage to floor coverings, wall coverings and furnishings. There is no deductible. It is renewable for the life of the home, and it is transferable to any subsequent homeowner.

Why Choose Horne’s For Termite Control?

  • Highly trained service technicians familiar with Augusta and surrounding areas
  • Exterra Bait System
  • Termidor Supplemental Barrier Treatment
  • Premise Foam and Premise Gel
  • The best termite warranty in Georgia and South Carolina

The Training of a Horne’s Technician

At Horne’s, we believe it is not just the potency of the product but also the aptitude of the applicator. We are committed to the continuous training of our pest control & termite control technicians. One call and a trained Horne’s service technician will be dispatched to your location to get information about the pests in your home.

We enroll them in numerous schools including:

Manufacturer’s of Termidor, Exterra, Premise, Boracare, and Talstar. Representatives come to our office periodically to teach the latest best practices in the use of their products.

Call Horne’s Pest Control today for a termite inspection at 1-888-467-6378

Other Wood Destroying Organisms That We Control

Powder Post Beetles

The name is appropriate because the larvae of these beetles reduce timbers to a mass of very fine, powderlike material. The anobiid powder post beetle is of particular concern in the CSRA because it infests softwoods used in construction. These pests are very similar to termites yet require different services to keep them at bay.

Drywood and Powder Post Termites

Unlike subterranean termites, these termites do not require any contact with the soil to live. They can seriously damage not only buildings but also movable wooden objects, such as furniture. If you think that you may have an infestation of these pests in your Augusta GA building, do not hesitate to call Horne’s for lightning-fast services.

Wood Boring Beetles

Wood-boring beetles include over 1200 species, such as the deathwatch beetle, longhorn beetles, round-headed borers and old house borers. The life cycle of the old house borer is from 3 to 12 years. Because this beetle has a very long life cycle it can infest the same piece of wood again and again.

How We Control These Wood Destroying Pests

Timbor and Bora-Care are borate-based termiticides, insecticides, and fungicides that we apply directly to the wood and the surrounding area. The formula penetrates deep into the wood and eliminates the wood as a food source for pests. Borates kill termites and other insects by poisoning the microorganisms in their digestive tracts that are needed to break down the wood’s cellulose.

Borates disrupt the enzyme system of fungi and have been used for over 300 years. The Borate compound contains the basic elements of boron and oxygen. Borate ores are mined from mineral deposits found in the earth.

Borates are used in many different applications including laundry detergents and cleaning products where they play important roles in bleaching and stain removal. You may have heard of “Twenty Mule Team Borax” in the past. If you suspect a termite or wood-boring pests infestation and you live in the Augusta GA area, call Horne’s pest control for immediate service.


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Hephzibah, GA - Just left a house that I could not write a WDO letter on because I couldn't get under the house. I'm glad to check anyone of y'all's houses but you got to have me an access door that lets me get in the crawlspace. That is the most likely place to find issues if there are any.

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